Our Story

        our JEWELRY

11:11 COLLECTION bracelets are hand stamped, triple wrapped fine leather power bracelets, with no two pieces being exactly the same.   Each high-end leather bracelet, boasts a sleek leather . whether you choose the half cuff magnetic clasp, the buckle or the posts, they're easily worn and fastened by everyone.  They are the jewelry "statement piece" of the early 21st century; and, can be seen paired with the most delicate precious metals or chunky beaded bracelets.  They truly are, the perfect everyday accessory, for all wardrobes and lifestyles.  

         our INTENTION

11:11 COLLECTION bracelets are created to inspire everyone to love their lives, always & to settle into their synchronicity.  At the end of the day, all that matters is love ... every kind of love ... that's what we absolutely know for sure.  As we begin to write our own stories and shed the uncertainty of our past, our 11:11 COLLECTION bracelets are a steadfast symbol that we are ENOUGH & always have been!

         our CLIENTS

Our clients are a gift.  They've gifted us their most precious time & confidence; which, we honor with our complete focus... always.  Creating their power bracelets, fills us with an electricity.  Knowing that each band is a mantra, a grounding force, a gentle reminder of that persons true vibration, adds to our own life force.  

        our FIRE  

Our passion comes from helping people to "refocus their focus" through badass jewelry!  ...and lets be honest, bubbles. Glasses of champagne should be served at all hours of the day, during every occasion & non-occasion, with blueberries & a sneaky smile.  Experts may disagree, but experts are overrated; and people telling people "you should" is not allowed at  11:11 COLLECTION.   We are honored to & passionate about, linking people with their "statement pieces" - knowing those pieces have been looking for those badasses, for a very long time!

        our COMMUNITY 

Our world is a community and we, at  11:11 COLLECTION are committed to serving that community.  We want to help non profit groups & charities that share the same beliefs and message of  11:11 COLLECTION:  GIVING A VOICE TO THE VOICELESS.  That's why we donate 10% of monthly profits to various organizations that make the world a better place.  If you know a non profit that we should partner with, please send us the suggestion.  We'd love to hear from you.


Thank you for joining us, while we all "write our own stories."  
We're honored you've chosen the 11:11 COLLECTION family & excited that we'll be changing the vibration of the world together!  
Much Love,
Erin, Creative Director